Vision and Mission


SAARDA is dedicated to providing affordable housing to the people of South Africa and to improving and  assisting in the delivery of affordable housing in the residential sector for all its members, as well as promoting the common interests of affordable residential developers in South Africa.


SAARDA seeks to pursue the interest of its members in a number of ways.

  • To act as a  bargaining forum for its members when dealing with key industry players such as financiers, building material suppliers and the Government.
  • To engage with banks and financial institutions in promoting greater lending (both end-user and development finance) to the affordable housing markets.
  • To promote greater innovation in:
    • end-user financing in the market so as to broaden the base of financed houseshold;
    • in development financing;
    • in the way government engages with the affordable housing sector;  and
    • in producing affordable housing products among SAARDA members.
  • To draw greater attention from government on issues of affordable housing through advocating for
    • Land development laws that are more friendly to affordable housing development;
    • Greater land release by local government and other institutions for affordable housing;
    • The creation of greater infrastructure capacity at local government level for affordable housing purposes;  and
    • Faster and more efficient adjudication and delivery of applications for land development from statutory authorities at provincial and local government level.
  • To monitor and disseminate information:
    • On building and construction sectors;
    • Obtained through authoritative research beneficial to members;  and
    • That promotes better understanding of the affordable housing market among members and other players within the market.
  • To create partnerships and cooperate with other industry players in creating awareness:
    • On affordable housing products delivered by members;
    • Among recipients of affordable housing on housing ownership responsibility;  and
    • On the strategic importance of affordable housing to the South African economy.