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The City of Johannesburg Property Development Forum

Posted on January 22 2019 by Gert Minnaar in City of Johannesburg

The City of Tshwane established the City of Tshwane Property Development Forum during 2018 to address the challenges which all stakeholders experience with the land use application processes. This forum already had 2 meetings in August and November last year and it introduced task teams for processes and policies, infrastructure and services as well a specialised task team.

The good news is that the City of Johannesburg will follow suit with the introduction of a City of Johannesburg Property Development Forum with exactly the same purpose as the City of Tshwane Property Development Forum.

If you as a member of SAARDA are a stakeholder experiencing challenges with the land use applications at the City of Johannesburg you are welcome to bring it to the attention of the chairperson of the SAARDA committee by no later than Friday, 25 January 2019, stating:  

  • the issue in short,
  • which department is involved
  • what your role is with regard to this issue, eg developer, town planner, conveyancer, land surveyor, et
  • when the issue started,
  • if it is resolved yet, and
  •  how you propose this issue can be resolved

This information will be used to compile an agenda for the first meeting of the City of Johannesburg Property Development Forum. The minutes of that meeting will be distributed to all SAARDA members and interested parties