• April 29 2021

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    SA Affordable Housing is a unique publication that is dedicated entirely to the subject of affordable housing in South Africa today. We address topics and issues relating directly to rural and urban infrastructure planning and development and the delivery of affordable housing. SA Affordable Housing does not support any view that lends itself to the construction of new […]

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  • March 14 2021

    FNB increases its affordable housing lending to help first-time home buyers

    In a bid to help first-time home buyers own homes, financial services FNB has announced it has grown its lending book for affordable housing. The lending book was increased by 24% (R6.3 billion) year on year of the concluded mortgage deals in the income range of R3 501 to R22 000. Last year the lending […]

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  • August 19 2020

    Why a blanket approach to redressing spatial inequity is flawed

    South Africa faces many problems: steady population growth, increasing unemployment, lack of adequate housing for the homeless, limited access to land by the poor and fragmented urban structures among them. Places of residence are far from places of opportunity for the poor. Many of these problems can be traced back to apartheid spatial planning.  Merely […]

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  • May 6 2020

    Covid-19 impact on construction sector will be ‘catastrophic’

    Industry Insight estimates that up to 140 000 formal jobs could be lost as activity levels nosedive The impact of the coronavirus on the construction sector will be catastrophic, unlike any economic shock the sector has previously had to endure, and result in it shedding an estimated 120 000 to 140 000 formal jobs, according […]

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  • April 29 2019

    1 million houses? Politicians make bizarre promises as they seek votes

    Outlandish. It means looking or sounding bizarre. And it’s a word that seems singularly appropriate at this time of frenetic electioneering aimed primarily at working people – employed and unemployed, urban and rural – who form the bulk of the electorate. Extravagant – outlandish – promises are the stock of the political elite as they […]

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  • April 18 2019

    Housing Finance in South Africa

    Against a backdrop of a sophisticated banking system, South Africa benefits from a well-developed housing finance sector and property market. A majority of the residential property market – 58 percent at the end of 2017 – includes homes valued at less than R600 000 (US$41 695). About a third of the total residential property market […]

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  • February 27 2019

    Affordable housing: what SA needs

    The overarching definition used in describing affordable housing, is housing units that are affordable to a section of society whose income is below the neighbourhood’s median or average household income.  However affordable housing comprises various types of housing and for South Africa’s cities to truly become inclusive, integrated and transformed, affordable housing in urban areas need to […]

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  • September 7 2018

    Why a policy expert says SA’s current phase of chaos is ‘normal’

    South Africa is currently in a period of chaos – a normal phase to go through after years of neglect, corruption and weak leadership. This is the view of policy specialist Theo Venter of the North West University School of Business and Governance. He was one of the speakers at the Momentum Consult annual conference […]

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  • October 3 2018

    Making green affordable housing a reality

    Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (NCIB) today announced that is has made the first disbursement from an innovative R120 million Sustainable Affordable Housing finance facility that was put in place through the collaborative efforts of Nedbank’s Affordable Housing Development Finance division, and South Africa’s Green Fund. The first recipient of funding from this facility is […]

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  • January 16 2018

    Unpacking affordable housing: What SA needs

    The overarching definition used by Future Cape Town, a platform in Africa promoting democracy in the future of cities, is housing units that are affordable to a section of society whose income is below the neighbourhood’s median or average household income. “However,” says Future Cape Town Director, Rashiq Fataar, “affordable housing comprises various types of housing.” […]

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