City of Johannesburg

  • October 10 2023


    A slew of recent media reports indicate that the Johannesburg Property Company has appointed several individuals to its board who, on the face of it, do not possess the necessary skills to govern a significant municipal entity with a property portfolio worth an estimated R8.7 billion. These appointments, which are reported to include a receptionist, […]

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  • December 29 2021

    A City of Johannesburg Press Statement by the MMC for Development Planning, Cllr Belinda Echeozonjoku: Issuance of Certificates of Occupation reinstated

    Release: Immediate 29 December 2021 The MMC for Development Planning, Cllr Belinda Echeozonjoku, has lifted the temporary halt onthe issuance of certificates of occupancy (CoO) and temporary occupation, with effect fromMonday, 3 January 2022, as she is satisfied with the corrective measures put in place by thedepartment, which will prevent fraudulent CoOs from being issued. […]

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  • August 1 2021

    City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality: Planning Circular: 1/2021/LUDM

    Guidelines Regarding Circulation & Following up of Comments (Clearances) from MOE’sand State Departments The purpose of this circular is to provide guidelines to applicants on the steps to be followedwhen comments have been circulated to various Municipal Owned Entities (MOEs) and StateDepartments as part of the Post Approval process of various applications attended to by […]

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  • November 6 2021

    City of Joburg goes digital and ends paper-based building plan applications

    06 November 2021 The City of Joburg Department of Development Planning is fully migrating to its Construction Permit Management System (CPMS) digital platform and doing away with paper-based manual submissions for building plan applications. As of 03 January 2022, architectural professionals who are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession, are to […]

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  • December 6 2021

    City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality: Review of the Spatial Development Framework 2040

    Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 20 (3) Of the Spatial Planning and Land UseManagement Act 2013 (Act No. 16 of 2013) that the City, at its Ordinary Council meetingon 26 August 2021, declared its intention to review its Spatial Development Framework2040 (SDF2040). Spatial Development Frameworks are described by the Municipal Systems Act […]

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  • December 1 2021

    Issuance of Certificates of Occupation temporarily halted

    I hereby notify you of the temporary halt on the issuance of Certificates ofOccupation and Temporary Occupation. This is to allow Development Planning the opportunity to address concerns ofirregular issuances that have been raised by City Councillors and members of thepublic. Considering that the construction industry closes for the Holiday Season, theDepartment will take this […]

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  • October 1 2021

    Public access to plans examiners limited ahead of City’s Construction Permit Management System pilot

    Release: Immediate 01 October 2021 The City of Johannesburg Department of Development Planning, in its quest to improve operational efficiency and transparency in its processes, is embarking on a project to modernise and streamline the current Site Development and Building Plan permit system. To do this, the City is doing away with using paper-based applications, […]

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  • October 7 2021

    Development Contributions Policy adopted by Council

    07 October 2021 Release: Immediate The Department of Development Planning welcomes the adoption of the City of Johannesburg Development Contributions Policy granted by Council today. Development Contributions are a once-off charge levied by municipalities on the landowner, as a condition for approving a land development application, to cover the capital costs incurred by the municipality […]

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  • October 28 2021

    Development Planning launches the City of Joburg Construction Permit Management System

    Release: Immediate 28 October 2021 The City of Johannesburg Department of Development Planning has unveiled its new web-based construction permit system in a soft launch, held today. Designed specifically for building permit purposes, the Construction Permit Management System, which will be piloted until 08 November 2021, is intended to modernise and streamline the current Site […]

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  • July 27 2021

    Review of the Municipal Planning By-law 2016

    16 July 2021 Dear stakeholder, The Land Use Development Management Directorate, together with Group Legal and Contracts, are in the process of reviewing/amending the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-Law 2016. To make the process robust and inclusive, the Department of Development Planning hereby calls for input, suggestions and contributions from residents, ratepayers associations, City […]

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  • July 13 2021

    City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality: Closure of Development Planning service desks.

    13 July 2021 Dear stakeholder, Please note that due to the current protest action, the Department has decided to close its service desks at the Metro Centre, Thuso House and across all Regional offices. Clients are encouraged to use the digital platforms that were made available in compliance with the Covid-19 National Lockdown Regulations. Development […]

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  • May 24 2021

    When is an erf regarded as a ‘registered erf’?

    The arbitrary and incorrect interpretation of legal principles and the current law by municipal officials can lead to disastrous consequences. In the affordable housing market it is important that the policies and business rules of municipalities reflect the correct legal position as prescribed in legislation. If not, it introduces procedures which are not constitutional and […]

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  • March 7 2021

    City spending up by R300 million

    Councillors of the City of Johannesburg have approved the 2020/21 Adjustment Budget, which prioritises major infrastructure projects, economic revival, and continued service delivery. The Member of the Mayoral Committee responsible for Finance, Councillor Jolidee Matongo, indicated that the budget would go some way to stimulate the local economy and boost socio-economic development amidst the impact […]

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  • January 13 2021

    Update on maintenance work at Metro Link

    Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Development Planning, Cllr Thapelo Amad, recently conducted an oversight visit of the Metro Link building, following its temporary closure in November 2020, as recommended by the Department of Employment and Labour. A service level agreement between Development Planning and the Johannesburg Property Company has since been finalised and […]

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  • December 11 2020

    Development Planning responds to accelerated service delivery

    A City of Johannesburg Press Statement by the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Development Planning, Cllr Thapelo AmadDevelopment 11 December 2020 The Department of Development Planning has considered feedback from the development and construction industry and found alternative office space to operate from, for the duration of maintenance work required at the Metro Link […]

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  • December 4 2020

    Temporary closure of Metro Link

    The information below is in response to the various issues that have been raised by members of the industry and public, following the closure of the Metrolink last week and the electronic / email submission of building plans. The Department understands the inconvenience that has been caused by the temporary closure of Metrolink. We urge […]

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  • April 18 2019

    Over R20 billion investment awaits with release of more properties for development

    On Monday, 1 April 2019, the City of Joburg, through the Joburg Property Company (JPC), released the prospectus of yet another 97 properties for mixed-use development. The prospectus has been made available on the City of Joburg’s website (see here: and that of the Joburg Property Company. These properties are said to have a total […]

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  • February 1 2019

    Province grants R300 million for housing after long dispute – Mashaba

    Port Elizabeth – Johannesburg metro mayor Herman Mashaba said on Wednesday that the Gauteng provincial human settlements department had committed about R300 million for housing developments in the city for the current financial year.  This comes against the backdrop of an ongoing dispute about the Human Settlements Development Grant (HSDG) between the City and Gauteng […]

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  • January 22 2019

    The City of Johannesburg Property Development Forum

    The City of Tshwane established the City of Tshwane Property Development Forum during 2018 to address the challenges which all stakeholders experience with the land use application processes. This forum already had 2 meetings in August and November last year and it introduced task teams for processes and policies, infrastructure and services as well a specialised task team. The […]

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  • January 16 2019

    City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme, 2018

    The Council of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality approved the City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme, 2018 on 31 October 2018. It was published in the Gauteng Provincial Gazette of 2 January 2019 in terms of section 156(2) of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, 1996 (No 108 of 1996), read […]

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