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Agri SA: Agri SA presents its view at the #LandSummit

Posted on August 23 2018 by Gert Minnaar in Expropriation Without Compensation

Agri SA today initiated the #LandSummit with a high-level assessment of the challenges and solutions to South Africa’s land question. The summit, held in cooperation with Landbouweekblad, is a two-day event aimed at finding solutions for agrarian transformation. The summit forms part of Agri SA’s broader engagement with government and other stakeholders as a representative of some 28 000 commercial farmers across South Africa.

South Africa is faced by a political dilemma from the suffering caused by apartheid and other discriminatory past practices, and Agri SA says that the political solution is to restore the dignity of our people by extending a hand of friendship of collaboration with government and fellow farmers,” said Dan KriekAgri SA President.

South Africa is also facing an economic dilemma of slow growth and unemployment, and the solution is to devise a plan to provide land for housing in urban areas, land for industrialization and land for farming. This will have to be aligned with the National Development Plan. We need more black farmers on more black farms in a sustainable and orderly way. We cannot expropriate ourselves out of trouble, we need to develop ourselves out of trouble.”

Agri SA remains encouraged by the commitment made again today by Deputy President David Mabuza, that government will, among others oppose land grabs. Agri SA also welcomes the invitation extended by the Deputy President to participate on the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform, which will also mean that organized agriculture will have a view on the deliberations taking place within the Committee.

“Instead of dividing us, the debate must reinforce us,” said Deputy President Mabuza. “As farmer you must continue to work hard, invest in your farms and increase productions, while extending a hand to government to ensure that more South Africans enter agriculture. Many of the farmers in this room are already involved in supporting successful models to support develop black farmers of the future. To these patriots, we want to say as government, thank you very much.”

Agri SA is proud to be part of this important summit and look forward to finding real solutions to sustainable agrarian transformation.

-Issued by AgriSA on 23 August 2018