Welcome to SAARDA

The creation of the South African Affordable Residential Developers Association (SAARDA) was driven by the need for a body to represent the interests of developers involved in the Affordable Housing development sector within the national policy and implementation discourse. SAARDA’s role is unique as its members face very specific issues: the Affordable Housing sector has particular characteristics, requires specialized knowledge, and imposes certain practical parameters on the players involved in the delivery of Affordable Housing.

The purpose of SAARDA is to act as a mouthpiece for the relevant role players in the Affordable Housing Market such as developers, construction companies, marketers, bond originators, professional consultants and conveyancers. SAARDA’s mandate is to put pressure on Banks (including end-user and development financiers), on National, Provincial, and Local Government, and other relevant parties, informing them of the difficulties the industry is experiencing in providing Affordable Housing to the people of South Africa.

SAARDA is an all-inclusive national body driven as a business.